The Greatest Saint

Would you know who is the greatest saint in the world:

It is not he who prays most or fasts most, it is not he who gives most alms or is most eminent for temperance, chastity or justice; but it is he who is always thankful to God, who wills everything that God wills, who receives everything as an instance of God’s goodness and has a heart always ready to praise God for it.

~ William Law (1686 –1761) English cleric, divine and theological writer.

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Everlasting Thanks

What I have done is worthy of nothing but silence and forgetfulness, but what God has done for me is worthy of everlasting and thankful memory.

– Joseph Hall

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Fairest Blossom

Gratitude is the fairest blossom, which springs from the soul; and the heart of man knows none more fragrant.

– Hosea Ballou

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A Life Fulfilled

“To live a life fulfilled reflect on the things you have with gratitude.”

– Jaren L. Davis

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Grateful Heart

Thou hast given so much to me,

Give one thing more – a grateful heart;

Not thankful when it pleaseth me,

As if Thy blessings had spare days,

But such a heart whose pulse may be Thy praise.


~ George Herbert

Changing your world

‘Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes instantly’

– Tony Robbins

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Be Thankful

Be thankful for what you have and you will end up having more. But if you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never, ever have enough.


Oprah Winfrey



So often we dwell on the things that seem impossible rather than on the things that are possible.

So often we are depressed by what remains to be done and forget to be thankful for all that has been done.

–Marian Wright Edelman

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A New Year’s Prayer

New Year Prayer of Thanks

Choose to be Grateful

choose to be grateful - judy belmont


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